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          Andrea & Rachel


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          We Invite You To Connect With Us and Other Wise Women ...

          Who We Are:
          We are two women who have been sitting in circle for over 25 years.
          We believe that a circle provides a natural way for women to gather and creates a safe place to congregate for confidences, support, ceremony and tradition.  
          It has worked for us and we have now been successfully bringing this format to a larger community of women.

          Our Mission:
          To join with other women and meet our challenges together to help the vibrations of ourselves and Mother Earth.

          What We Do:
          So far in our journey, we have taken the circle idea and extended it to a larger community as a way for women to meet safely and spiritually.

          Chair Circle

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          What Circles are All About:
          Why Have One - A circle provides a natural way for women to gather and create a safe place where family and friends can congregate for ceremony, tradition, confidences and support. From ancient to modern times circles has been used by people to respond to the needs of their community.

          What it takes - Purpose and Intention - Members have to want to connect in a meaningful way and create a community where all members are part of the circle. A commitment to making the circle a priority is necessary in order for it to work.

          What it does - The circle reminds you of your sacred path by bringing the sacred into everyday life through ritual and ceremony. As a circle collects its unique tools and special objects a sense of ritual and familiarity is developed.

          Why it is Universal - Circles cross all religions and belief systems. Circles can be simple, such as lighting a single candle or can get as complex as you like. It is very flexible and adapts easily to any occasion.

          We use the Circle Format to:
          To Find The Goddess Within Us All
          To Embrace, Invent and Share Ceremony to help us Shift Realities to a positive space.
          To Connect to the Sisterhood we Create Together.
          To Use Practical Tools to enhance our Spiritual Journey.

          Some Areas & Issues We Address in Circle:
          We define and access the feminine principle and explore how this impacts our everyday lives.
          We gather with women at natural earth times such as solstices and equinoxes or just when the “time feels right”. 
          We explore our transitions from maiden to mother to matriarch to wise woman and sprinkle it with the ceremony and respect these times deserve.
          We provide individual circles with friends, mother-daughters or family.
          We create a safe space to take on the “hard stuff” of relationships, feelings, and sticky issues
          We are always open to "the next thing" . 


          Our Unique Approach:

          What it does:
          Gives a feeling of safety, warmth and comfort
          Provides an opportunity for an open, honest exchange of stories and challenges
          Brings out the collective wisdom of women when they gather

          How we do it:
          We borrow from different cultures and traditions to create ceremony
          We use ceremonial tools to empower us such as:
          Talking stick - for respect.
          Sage, Feathers, Rattles- to remove blocks and negativity
          Movement and meditation to open our centers
          Chakra work for balance and empowerment
          Singing, chanting, spiritual cleansing


          We provide tools and techniques to keep you grounded and connected when you go home such as:.
          Power objects

          In a Nutshell-- Circling is About:
          Being in the now, savoring the moment
          Healing relationships.
          Connecting with others in an honest, open way.
          Communication, spoken or unspoken with clarity, valor and compassion.
          Cycles, the transitioning of life.
          Adding substance to your spiritual bones.
          Understanding the responsibilities, the limits, the essence.
          Transitioning into a “wise person ”.
          Your legacy

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          Last Two Moon Reports:

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          Full Moon Sun Pisces : Moon Virgo 01/10/20



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          Contact Info:   Rachel & Andrea

          Andrea Lord
          President, Alpha Institute
          Women’s Circle Facilitator
          Reiki Practitioner

          Rachel Lord RN, CMT
          Women’s Circle Facilitator
          Master Herbalist


          Phone: 720.530.2834
          Mail: A Womens Circle
          P.O.Box 110998
          Aurora, CO 80042